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We’re here to help with expertise on all things asphalt related.


My name is Jason McMillan. I graduated in 2000 from Weber State University with a BS degree in Business Finance. I have built other businesses founded on innovative technology and a high level of customer service. Rocky Mountain Asphalt is built on the same standards.

My team has a combined 32 years of experience in all things related to asphalt and we are dedicated to ensuring your project is finished on time to your complete satisfaction


The future of our private and public infrastructure and the demand on finite natural resources will be best served once people understand how the right maintenance products, used at the proper time, will help save the environment, and money.

Rejuvenation transforms an expense to an asset. This investment in the property has been proven to save thousands of dollars by significantly extending the life of your pavement by as much as 300%. Rejuvenating the existing asphalt is an environmentally friendly alternative to milling and repaving, which has a negative effect on the environment by releasing greenhouse gases, and leaving a carbon footprint caused by the manufacturing, transporting, and the installation of the asphalt material.

Your pavement inventory is one of the most critical physical assets that impact your association’s capital reserve dollars. Effective management of that pavement saves you money; every $1.00 spent on pavement preservation saves $6 to $10 dollars on future repairs and replacement.


Sealcoats and oil seals have been used in the past as a method of protecting the asphalt from oxidation. The purpose of the coat is to provide a barrier on the surface of the pavement between air, water, and sunlight preventing their oxidative effects on the asphalt pavement. However, over time this does not help the pavement. Research has show that sealcoasts actually dry out the pavement they were intended to protect. Furthermore, the sealcoat and the underlying asphalt expand and contract at different rates, causing the sealcoat itself to crack and eventually chip off.

With rejuvenation there is no sand added to mix, and no water added, you’re paying for 100% material . Our treatment penetrates into the surface and becomes part of the asphalt, allowing for the surface to expand and contract, resulting in no surface cracks and no buildup of materials. It ages uniformly, staying black after years of use. We chemically rejuvenate the asphalt binder which extends asphalt life up to four years per application, as shown per independent test data. Our treatment also heals minor surface damage including raveling